Sherrie York

Observation is the core of Sherrie’s work, whether she is making a watercolor sketch of tidbits collected on a neighborhood walk or carving a complex linocut block of pinecones and leaf litter.

“I am especially drawn to subjects that might be overlooked if I were moving too quickly through a landscape,” she explains. “Weedy tangles along a ditch or bones and feathers in a field suggest lives and stories that I can barely imagine. Even well-worn and familiar paths can┬ásurprise me with something new.”

Sherrie’s work has illustrated publications for a number of environmental organizations, including the National Audubon Society and Trout Unlimited. Her linocuts and watercolors are also featured in the books “Printmakers Today,” “Wind, Sails, and Meadow Birds,” and “Sketching and Illustrating Birds.”

Major exhibitions include Birds in Art, Art and the Animal, Art of the Animal Kingdom, Mountain Oyster Club Show, and the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale. Sherrie is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists.

Watching & Waiting
Vigilant great horned owl
Trunk Show
Autumn Aspen and tiny resident
February Shadows
Snow and deep shadows in a Colorado winter

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