Kay Witherspoon


Kay Witherspoon is an award winning, signature artist member of the Society of Animal Artists and the American Academy of Equine Art.  She has featured in Southwest Art and International Artist Magazines, in Great Britain’s “Ten Goal” and The Guards’ (UKJ) 2015 60th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, and in The 2015 Contemporary Art of Nature Mammals Book to name a few. Twenty six of her paintings hang in the Little Nell in Aspen, CO, the Presidential Library in Atlanta, GA, and in over one hundred business and homes across the globe.

Kay received a BA in art education, taught high school art, and earned her MA Degree in Education from the University of Colorado in 1996.  Her work is influenced by her experiences riding horses and working on a Wyoming cattle ranch and for the Montana and Idaho Forest Service.  Kay resides in Littleton, Colorado with her husband, James T. Ayers.

Spring Break
A rambunctious herd of horses jubilantly racing across sun dappled fields in early spring.
Leaving Winter Behind
An aging cowboy and younger sidekick moving horses from their winter range to springtime pastures.
Spot Light
A pinto pony galloping with the sun away from the on coming night.
Aspen Terrace
Brilliant fall aspen trees grace the terrace above a shadowed creek.

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