Cydney Springer

Cydney Springer’s two great passions are the Rocky Mountains and painting them. Living near Rocky Mountain National Park provides the inspiration for these passions. “I feel the same wonder I did as a child wandering through the woods — the way the light hits a tree, how a leaf curls or the amazing history map on an aspen trunk. It’s such perfection even in it’s lack of perfection.”

Cydney has lived in Colorado most of her life. She was one of ten artists selected to represent Rocky Mountain National Park in an award-winning book called “Art of the National Parks”. Cydney has been juried into numerous exhibitions and is a member of Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters. She exhibits at Elk Horn Art Gallery in Winter Park, CO, Mary Williams Fine Art in Boulder, CO and Western Stars Gallery, Lyons, CO.

That fleeting moment when an aspen tree is ripe with gold. All to be tossed to the wind forever at the whim of our mountain nature.

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