Cathleen Savage

Cathleen Savage (b. Cathleen Cavanaugh, 1960) is an American wildlife and nature painter currently working in watercolor. Her paintings are often described as luminous and delicate, and as having a calming, restorative effect on the viewer. Her artwork has been exhibited in national and international venues. She is a member of the Society of Animal Artists. Cathleen maintains a home and studio in southern Colorado.

Her current body of work depicts birds in an ethereal environment with late afternoon light falling softly on their feathers. She seeks to recreate the feeling of seeing them for the first time. Her use of watercolor complements this goal.

Wind and Snow
Wind and Snow is the third in a series of paintings of Snowy Egrets. These tiny birds are beautiful, graceful, and sometimes comical. This painting portrays the effect of wind on their feathers. it also depicts the bird in its breeding colors and plumage. The bill has a redder than usual color during mating season and long wispy feathers appear on its back. The painting is mounted on a panel and is archivally sealed and traditionally framed.

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