Timothy Nimmo


As with most artists- I was making art as long as I can remember. I also had a fascination with nature and was always exploring the streams, woodlands, and lakes of my native Wisconsin. Those 2 passions never left me.

I took as many art courses as my schools would allow, and always had my eyes fixed on studying art in college. Originally intending to be an art teacher, I entered my nearest state college’s art program in 1978. I graduated 1984 with a BFA in sculpture and painting from the U.W.Whitewater. To support my new family I became a professional art mold maker, foundry man and project manager for sculptors . I ended up with a very happy career in this for over 25 years. In these capacities I have been involved in of the creation and placement of hundreds of monumental bronze sculptures of many other artists nation wide.

Around 2008 after my 3 children became self-supporting adults, I began sculpting and promoting my own work. I entered my first professional shows in spring of 2009. In my first two years exhibiting, I won 1st place in two shows and third in another. This was validation that my unconventional style had an audience eager to receive it.

Even though some health concerns slowed down my volume of work, it did not impact the quality. Since then I have been been inducted into The Society of Animal Artists as a Signature level member, and won their Award of Excellence in 2014.

I am in the process of living happily ever after in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. My other interests include hunting, chess, fossils, my dogs, bird watching and cooking.

Constellation is an abstract of imaginary stag constellation. Timothy loves all things astronomical. Gazing at the clear Colorado sky night after night, he decided to create his own constellation of a stag.
Blackbuck II, bust
Blackbuck Bust II
Abstract bust of Blackbuck antelope. This handsome Indian antelope made for an irresistible composition study- the repeating S shapes of the corkscrewing horns are repeated in the larger form of the neck/head pose.
Dawn is an African Bongo antelope. Bongo are critically endangered. I was originally just drawn to the creature's beauty; but in researching the animal I discovered it's precarious status. Bongo are incredibly docile and gentle. Here, after a night's activity he is in a state of watchful repose, relaxed yet watchful for threats as light approaches. This reflects the great efforts of the conservation community trying to protect and restore bongo; yet how we must remain watchful for threats to animals on the brink of extinction.
Greater Kudu
A study in composition of the graceful curves of a magnificent African antelope- The Greater Kudu inspired by art deco and ancient Egyptian works.

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