Kathleen Lanzoni

Kathleen is an award winning artist with a passion for watercolor painting! Painting in the studio as well as Plein Air(on location outdoors), Kathleen uses a realistic painterly style to capture the brilliant light and colors of nature that are before her. The exciting combination of controlled fluidity and the unpredictable qualities of watercolor paints are what Kathleen uses to describe the subject of her paintings. The magic of layering translucent paint allows the light to shine from the surface, through the colors, to us as observers.

Bringing the effect of changing light that describes the atmosphere, context and shape of the scene is the painting challenge she embraces to recreate the emotion and passion on paper.

Kathleen has been commissioned by several private collectors, medical facilities, offices and schools to paint original watercolors and murals to enhance and enliven the atmosphere for the communities.

Kathleen grew up in Montreal and California, and for over 25 years has enjoyed the endless subjects to paint that living in Colorado offers. Kathleen was formally trained at the Art Institute of Boston, receiving a certificate of completion, and at the Massachusetts College of Art, receiving a BFA.


Kathleen has a painting published in the Splash 17; Best of Watercolor book,  July 2016 Published painting Pastoral Afternoon


Recent Awards:

Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Plein Air Exhibit, 2016, Second Place

Plein Air Artists Colorado, 2016, Award of Merit

Red Brick Plein Air Festival Aspen, August 2016
Honorable Mention
Colorado Artists Plein Air Exhibit November, Denver, December 2015
Second Place
Red Brick Plein Air Festival Aspen, August 2015
Honorable Mention; Second Place
People’s Choice; Second Place
Watercolor Society State Exhibit, Lone Tree Arts Center, March 2015
Third Place
Colorado Artists Plein Air Exhibit November, Denver, December 2014
Honorable Mention
Rockies Plein Air at CAC Gallery, August- October , 2014
Gold Award


Current & Upcoming Exhibitions 2017

Aspen Red Brick Plein Air Festival, August 2017, Aspen, Colorado

Telluride Plein Air Festival, July 2017, Telluride, Colorado

Governors Art Exhibit, April 2017, Loveland, Colorado

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, April 2017, Eugene, Oregon

Watermedia Exhibition Children’s Hospital Colorado, February & March 2017, Denver, Colorado

First Congregational Church Art Exhibit, March & April 2017, Longmont, Colorado


Kathleen is a member of many organizations including:
American Watercolor Society
Colorado Watercolor Society – Signature member
National Watercolor Society
Plein Air Artists Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Watercolor – Signature member
Western Colorado Watercolor Society – Signature member

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies – Signature member

Dazzling Light
The winter sun was shining on the stream and snow making an incredibly dazzling light. First, I painted the scene en plein air to capture the colors and values on paper. Then using the plein air painting as reference back in the studio, I created a new painting, focusing on recreating the brilliant light and colors of the stream.
Colorado Summer
Colorful reflections on Sprague Lake of the Rocky Mountains.
Leader of the Herd - Navajo Churro Sheep
Navajo Churro sheep were watching me apprehensively but also very curiously as I was painting them from the other side of the fence.
Winter's Colors
Looking down the valley at the beautiful colors of the winter bushes reflected in the snow banked stream.

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