Sandy Graves



My abstract work came from my very first experience casting in Bronze. My college professor wanted a hollow form to use in demonstrating the lost wax process. I worked from my memory sculpting parts and pieces of the horses that I grew-up around and put them together to make a hollow form. Come to find out, the process was not a traditional means of bronze sculpture. My naivety had allowed me the freedom to simply create without rules.

After years of sculpting the figure in the classic style I returned to stylized work for the joy that it allows. I enjoy the energy, movement, and whimsical nature that these pieces achieve. They allow the personalities of the horses and other animals that I sculpt to come alive! I am mostly concerned with the overall compositions of these works. I strive to make both positive and negative spaces interesting from all vantage points. The silhouettes of each piece, when back lit, make a remarkable impression. The details in the patinas and natural stone bases create a beautiful and natural coloration when they are lit from above. A third view of the work, lit from the front, gives striking shadows that dance against the wall and create an even deeper movement.


Elegant Great Heron
A Well Deserved Rest
Horse sleeping with birds
Moose Couple
The War Horse

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