Daniel Glanz

There are few experiences that heighten ones senses more than realizing you are not the top of the food chain while walking in the African bush or watching sharks swim by on a coral reef.  A lifetime of working with and observing animals, both wild and domestic, have only increased my amazement and curiosity of the animals with whom we share our planet.  Inspiring this excitement of the animal world through my sculpture has always been my focus.

My work is part of many public collections nationally including museums, corporations, animal shelters, hospitals, universities, and sculpture parks, as well as many galleries.  International private collections include locations in Wales, Bermuda, France, Switzerland, Argentina, and Mexico.  I am an Elected Member of the National Sculpture Society, Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists, and Member of the National Sculptor’s Guild.

American Treasure
Bald Eagle
Up and Coming
Golden Retriever
Red Shafted Flicker
African Shoebill Stork bust

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