Clay Enoch

I was born and raised in Tennessee where I participated in the
Governor’s School for the Fine Arts before earning my BFA
from Wheaton College in Illinois. I have been self-employed
and living as a sculptor in Colorado Springs since 1996.
As I see it, art is personal. It manifests from the deeper
levels of an individual. Because faith is an integral part of
my life, when I sculpt, this theme surfaces consistently. Although I employ
the full range of sculptural language from representational to abstract,
my passion is to express the figure as simply as possible to capture the
essence of the pose and create space for the transcendent message to
resonate with the viewer.
My work has been exhibited in galleries in Denver, Littleton,
Colorado Springs, Loveland, and Vail, CO, Taos, NM,
Philadelphia, PA, Salt Lake City, UT, Chagrin Falls, OH, Naples, FL, and
Memphis and Nashville, TN and shown in Wheaton, IL,
Scottsdale, AZ, Fort Drum, NY, Jackson, MS, Memphis, TN,
Brookgreen Gardens, SC, Tampa, FL, and internationally in
Illesheim, Germany.

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poolside look at children at play
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Narrative from the Bible
Tree of Life
contemplative Angel

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