Justin Clements

In Fort Collins, Colorado Justin Clements was born to loving parents on February 9th 1980. He was a happy and comfortable boy growing up with his four siblings. His father, an engineer, taught him how things work and how to build. Justin’s mother, a designer and entrepreneur, encouraged his early artistic inclinations.

After he finished his schooling Justin found a good, blue collar, job and a great wife. Every week for fifteen years he went to work in the morning and at night or on weekends he would work on his paintings and take classes. As the years went by, Justin kept developing his craft, always thinking that someday he would be able to work solely as an artist. This past January 2015 Justin was happy to say goodbye to his job and retire to his studio work.

Justin lives and paints in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is happy with his work and enjoys his three young children and his charming wife.

Yellow Mums
Yellow mums in a blue and white vase.
Rock Ridge Ranch Loveland
Old buildings on the Rock Ridge Ranch west of Loveland.
Peach roses in brass vase.
Wood Pile and Sunlight
These old weathered buildings are southwest of Loveland.

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