Daniel Augenstein


“Even as a child I found myself experimenting with media. The four year who licked the tip of the red color pencil resulting in a red tree and a messy red face, is the same person who still messes with media many years later. Intense colors and compositional components have been a driving passion in this stage of making art. The nuance of tones and near-complements excite me as much as the natural subjects I paint.  I am thrilled with rediscovering design.”
For 40 years Daniel has been a teacher of art and a practicing artist in Greeley, Colorado.  His work can be seen at the Columbine Gallery in Loveland, the Madison and Main Gallery in Greeley, and exhibited in national shows.   He is amazed by how experiments and new lessons with his students continue to reveal new possible right answers in the question of what is art and why do we create.  “Making art continues to be my passion.”
Daniel Augenstein

February 2017

Reflection of Butchart Garden
The pond in the Sunken Garden of Butchart Garden in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is a beautiful patchwork in the reflected greens and reds of trees and bushes. The painting is a surprise as you notice that objects reflected in the pond do not appear in the actual landscape and objects above do not necessarily reflect below.
Willows - Study of Line
The willows surrounded by high lake water are the subject of this study of line. The three sections are philosophically related to the actual willow branches surrounding the artist's interpretation of the willows and themselves surrounded by golden willows representing their allegoric quality which is always the goal of the artist to capture.
Two Trees - Study of Space
This piece was inspired by Butterfield’s use of positive and negative space and Castiglione’s oil sketches. The image is from a photo that I took on a hike at Arthur’s Rock above Fort Collins, Colorado.
Pedicab at the Center
This piece shows a pedicab driver who ferries his customers back and forth to the Denver Center of Performing Arts no matter the weather. This image is painted from a photo I took after a evening summer storm.

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