Lorri Acott

Lorri Acott sculpts long legged figures and animals that reflect intimate moments in our lives: a feeling, an interaction, a realization. Simplified and without the details of faces or clothing, they rely on our innate understanding of the human gesture to inform us.

Her impressionistic figurative sculptures reside in private and public collections throughout the US and abroad. A favorite of collectors and critics alike, Lorriā€™s work receives a powerful emotional response wherever it is placed.

Lorri is the co-founder of DreamBigSculpture.com, a company specializing in the creation of large scale artwork for both corporate and public collections worldwide, and is currently focused on creating new monumental sized sculptures for public placement.

Living with her husband in the mountains of Colorado, she has found the idea place to nurture her creative spirit.

Guardians of the path
Three antlered figures above an gateway.
She Came to me on a White Horse
Antlered figure on a horse
Antlered figure walking through a gateway
3 antlered figures that can be rearranged to interact in different ways with each other and with the world.

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